Monday, March 15, 2010

Rush Hour 3 (and or Aren't black people funny and asian people kicky?)

Another lesson learned today. And it was one of those REALLY important lessons like don't eat Chinese burritos or never let a junkie stay with you. My lesson can't be explained in words but through emotion. I feel as if I know more about life and the meaning of life just by sitting through this movie.

I guess we left off where 2 ended or its a few years later or something? And it looked
like they were in LA? Chris Tucker is a really really really really really really funny cop who left this guy in stitches throughout the entire movie. I can't begin to explain how fucking funny this guy is unless I showed you the stitches I machine sewed into my thigh whilst smoking some really crazy designer drug called 414AB12.

Did you know Jackie Chan has the heart of a lion. I cant believe he didn't get the part of lionheart or liono or even Lionel Ritchie. I mean look at his crazy face man, hes wasted dude. Lions hunt in packs. Cigarettes come in packs.

Oh yeah, they were in Paris and Chris Tucker was really funny insulting the French. Was he in Braveheart? I wonder cuz he was really brave at the end of the movie when my landlord maced me. Remember that movie with jackie Chan and that black guy where they were cops, like um ... oh shit! that was Bruce Willis and Tracy Jordan right?

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA..........Lord have mercy that dudes kicky!

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