Thursday, May 12, 2011


This is my new group. I think we have song names or something? The first one is Shitty Shitty and then it gets hazy. A friend said it "sounds like dying". He may have been under the influence of baked goods though.

Contact me for a hard copy.

Anthony Petrovic-Baritone Guitar attempt and vomit
Ralph Pritts- Saxamaphone and Murder
Ian Lockey-Drum Drums
Winston-Salem NC- The ground

Tuesday, August 3, 2010



This is the mega-hyped dual record second edition of me being a dong muncher to people who call me at my job. Sorry it took so long to get up.
Shit in a bird.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Rush Hour 3 (and or Aren't black people funny and asian people kicky?)

Another lesson learned today. And it was one of those REALLY important lessons like don't eat Chinese burritos or never let a junkie stay with you. My lesson can't be explained in words but through emotion. I feel as if I know more about life and the meaning of life just by sitting through this movie.

I guess we left off where 2 ended or its a few years later or something? And it looked
like they were in LA? Chris Tucker is a really really really really really really funny cop who left this guy in stitches throughout the entire movie. I can't begin to explain how fucking funny this guy is unless I showed you the stitches I machine sewed into my thigh whilst smoking some really crazy designer drug called 414AB12.

Did you know Jackie Chan has the heart of a lion. I cant believe he didn't get the part of lionheart or liono or even Lionel Ritchie. I mean look at his crazy face man, hes wasted dude. Lions hunt in packs. Cigarettes come in packs.

Oh yeah, they were in Paris and Chris Tucker was really funny insulting the French. Was he in Braveheart? I wonder cuz he was really brave at the end of the movie when my landlord maced me. Remember that movie with jackie Chan and that black guy where they were cops, like um ... oh shit! that was Bruce Willis and Tracy Jordan right?

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA..........Lord have mercy that dudes kicky!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The 3's

Hi stupids
My new thing this week is watching 3 movies. Not three movies in one day but the
worst, fuckliest movies usually released are the third in the series. The ones where
you can tell they still have foreign releases, toy contracts, mob money to repay, or they are just fucking clueless movie farts who wanna try and roll the dice and squeeze the little bit of cinematic anuspaste outta the tube.

here's the first batch or reviews I'm working on

Back to the future 3

Good god this RUINED my day.
I remember when it came out I thought it sounded terrible but man was I wrong.
It was worse than terrible. The old west? The big car breakdown that happens in every movie is no gas? ZZ top? the new time machine is a fucking steam train? Doc names his kids Jules and cocking Verne?

When this ring stinger was over with I was left with a really sad sadness deep in my heart. like when a pet dies or when a fart is alcoholically bloody.

fuck you Michael j.

Shakiest gun in the west remake?
Just kidding MJ (I'm a hell bound)

Jurassic Park 3

Of all The 3's so far this is the most slopped piece of shit yet.I never saw 2 so what I gathered from the extremely deep and well focused story line the dinosaurs just live on the island next door to the first island and no one gives a some fucktard kid gets his shitty extreme sports dude/moms fuckbuddy to take him illegally para sailing past the island to video tape dinosaurs.

They get stuck and dinosaurs fuck with them roar! roar! ouch! They get away.The violence was pretty brutal but I swear they musta blew the budget cuz there was like only a few dinosaurs and I think half of um was CGI stock footage.


Beverly Hills Cop 3

"Axel F" by Harold Faltermeyer as sung by Kahn
Bev-Bev Beverly Hills Cop/Bev-Bev Beverly Hills Cop/Axel Foley's gonna find those druuugs!"

Axel goes to a amusement park and is fucking wacky. End result... dolphin AIDS.

I remember when I was little I liked to hide inside the circular clothes racks at the department store. Id sneak around like a lil fuck spying on people and barrel roll from rack to rack with that stupid fucking song in my head.those were some good times. One place in particular I was forced to rot in was called Cloth World a fabrics store that was the MOST boring place a lil 8 year old boy could ever be condemned. In catholic school when the concept of purgatory was explained to my I envisioned myself in Cloth World for like two eternity's waiting and waiting just to find out I have to go to hell. Fuck that just send my ass to hell cuz I can only be amused by lookin at googly eyes and fake fur for so long.

they did have some EPIC racks to play wise cracking Detroit bad boy cop Axel F all by my sad tard tard ass though.

This is the weapon from BHK3 Annihilator 2000. It blows up shit, plays compact discs and releases a fog that writes scripts to Perfect Strangers all while having a affair with Billy's mommy.

The karate Kid 3

"The Karate Kid 3 Sucked" Anthony.

This is the only screenshot I could find for this nun abortion of a film.

Robocop 3

I guess in the future Detroit is worse or something cuz they need a Robotic Police Officer to patrol the streets very slowly and crack wise on cyber punks.
This movie is fucking boring and you know what? ANOTHER FUCKING KID!!!! I figured it out. In a 3 movie you gotta throw in some fucking kid to balls up the whole thing.
Kids suck.

And who will challenge our Robocop? Who could the evil forces of poo donging OCP?
wait for it...

wait for it...

A roboninja?....... Are you Kidding me? Really?
I give up.
Robocop can fly now too. Suck It iron man you turd burglar.
What just happened to me?

"Pssssssst. Hey behind you....I'm jizz"

Thursday, March 11, 2010

3Leafs video i made crappily

I sat in with the leafs the other night at Amnesia and it was fun and junk.
This is the last song. Butts are funny.